National “study” to determine drug’s effectiveness in preventing COVID-19


Henry Ford Health System to lead national study to determine drug’s effectiveness in preventing COVID-19

Healthcare Workers, First Responders Can Volunteer for 3,000-person Study

DETROIT – Henry Ford Health System will lead the first large-scale study in the United States of the effectiveness of an anti-malarial drug in preventing COVID-19 in healthcare workers and first responders who volunteer to participate.


This isn’t a “study!” It’s a way to get hydroxychloroquine and Zpak to first responders without admitting that it works for criminy sake!

What sort of a “scientific study” selects patients from such a narrowly focused group? NONE? Why? Because it only tells you something about very healthy people who are using PPE. You won’t be able to separate the effectiveness of the PPE and their viral mitigation techniques from the drugs.

The claim is that some will get placebos. Sucks to be them I guess.

If the study finds the drug effective as a preventative medication for COVID-19, it is possible that the study could expand to include hydroxychloroquine in other COVID-19 treatment options, the doctors said.

I give someone credit, though. The “study” will last 8 weeks and this whole thing will be over and done with at the point so the “study” won’t be of any use to anyone by that point — except maybe politicians.

You can count on Governor Gretchen Whitmer taking credit for the study should it save some lives and for it being used against President Trump if it doesn’t. Actually, the latter is less likely because the entire nature of the “study” is so obviously flawed!

Do they think we are totally stupid out here in fly over country? Answer: I don’t even need to say it do I?

The study of hydroxychloroquine used prophylactically could begin as early as next week, after a plea to the federal government by Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan and Metro Detroit healthcare experts.

And the real upside is that the Federal Government will pay for the study. Here’s a hint guys, President Trump would have given you the pills if you had just asked rather than trying to invent a “study” just in case it accidentally worked!

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