Mike Lindell: Master Level Troll

Mike Lindell Master Troll

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell took some heat from the Left after a recent appearance at a Chinese Coronavirus Task Force briefing. Lindell had been present to announce that MyPillow had retooled its production facilities to produce some 10,000 medical masks per day, an accomplishment worthy of celebration.

Mike Lindell also had the audacity to urge Americans to read their Bibles and come together with their families during these trying times.

The horror!

Naturally, Leftists across America blasted Mike Lindell for daring to mention God in the White House’s Rose Garden. “Separation of church and state!” they shrieked, not fully understanding exactly what that phrase actually means.

CNN executive editor Ram Ramgopal even managed to beclown himself by implying that Mike Lindell had no real reason to be at the White House. Luckily, conservatives were on hand to brutally disabuse him of that notion.

Mike Lindell hit back at his critics, and went on to call the Mainstream Media’s coverage of the Chinese Coronavirus Task Force briefings “evil:”

It’s hard not to agree with Mike when we’re treated to almost daily examples of the media outright lying in an attempt to slander President Trump with the Chinese Coronavirus. The fake news media has been especially insufferable as of late when it comes to their attempts to paint an effective treatment for Chinese Coronavirus as pure snake oil.

Last night, Mike Lindell hit back at his critics on Twitter yet again with an absolutely hilarious meme.

Right wingers were able to appreciate Mike’s not-so-subtle humor and master-level memetics.

Truly, this was an epic burn that would be right at home on the timeline of President Trump himself.

Well done, Mike. Well done.

Mike Lindell toast


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