Mark Watches Gov. Cuomo So You Don’t Have To

Governor Cuomo’s Daily Briefings are actually pretty good. Here’s what he had today:

Really good news that hospitalizations are way down.

This is really interesting. For some — unknown and inexplicable — reason, NY doctors got really good at not putting people on ventillators.

I have a relative who works for attorneys who take on nursing home abuse cases. They will have enough business after this for the next twenty years.

The Governor is trying to say that you have to think through what are the consequences of doing one thing in one area with how that affects another area. The problem is that this is actually so big that it’s going to be really hard. Some things are obvious such as you’d like to completely sanitize the public transit system before you let riders back on to go back to work. I don’t have much faith that the state governors will be able to coordinate these things well enough.


He says Trump is “spoiling for a fight” but this needs to be a “no politics zone.” “The President will have no fight with me — we will not engage in it.”

“He does not have total authority. This statement cannot go uncorrected. That statement can not stand. Period.”

Press continues to press on having Cuomo call Trump and discuss why he said he was trying to behave like a king. He says that he has no reason to call today. Just isn’t anything they need to discuss today.

“Since the Governors closed down it down, shouldn’t the Governors open it up?” On the other hand, he realizes that he doesn’t have nearly enough capability to really figure out how to do things. “Where’s the funding? I’m broke!”

“This is no time for division between the states and the federal government.”





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