Is New York Lying About It’s Death Rate?

The truth behind the lies…

New York Chinese Coronavirus

New York state-and New York City in particular-has been the epicenter of the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. Over 18,000 deaths due to the Chinese Coronavirus have been reported at the time of this writing.

The situation in New York has allegedly gotten so bad that Mayor Bill de Blasio has threatened to arrest Hasidic Jews after a rabbi’s funeral drew hundreds of mourners.

Questions abound as to why New York’s death rate is so high. Certainly, the fact that New York kept its public transportation systems running was a factor in spreading the virus. Elected officials-Mayor de Blasio included-also downplayed the dangers posed by the Chinese Coronavirus back in February. You may remember Mayor de Blasio encouraging people to visit the movie theaters just before the Chinese Coronavirus hit its peak.

New York’s nursing homes have also become hotbeds of Chinese Coronavirus. Many states have seen devastating outbreaks among these captive, vulnerable populations, and New York has been no exception. Especially since the state has forced nursing homes to accept residents infected with Chinese Coronavirus, and sometimes have refused to admit them to hospitals.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas contacted several New York funeral homes in an attempt to figure out the truth behind New York’s coronavirus death toll. The directors of these funeral homes were more than willing to open up to Project Veritas, and the tale they told was, quite frankly, shocking.

Is New York lying about the number of its citizens killed by the Chinese Coronavirus? O’Keefe’s investigation seems to indicate exactly that, and the motivation behind the lies may be as simple as increasing federal funding.


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