Everyone Hates Bill Gates (Even More)

I’ve never been a Bill Gates hater or admirer. He’s a bright guy but one of lots and lots of bright people who made money in the go-go personal computer years. In my view, Bill Gates has never been an inventor or a technologist — he was a marketing and business person. He has become very good at listening to technical people and synthesizing the essence of what they have to say into benefits that people can understand. This is what marketing people do. Bill Gates also doesn’t have a university degree and attended Harvard for a very, very short span of time.

What this means is that when I hear Bill Gates saying things, it’s generally not because he’s a great intellect but rather because a lot of smart people have been talking with him. For instance, there’s his TedTalk in 2015 —

It’s actually a very good eight minute summary of the possibility of a pandemic but there’s nothing particularly insightful. While I’m clearly not an expert, neither is Bill Gates. But like Bill, it’s easy to see that there are thousands of people who have been worrying about pandemics over the years including George W. Bush who is the Left’s new favorite president.

OK. Let’s get to the video where I’m supposed to “educate myself.”

This is like being back in the good old birther days! Good times! There wasn’t a single thing I found interesting in this video; maybe you do but I don’t. The crowd interested in public policy for pandemics is very small and seeing them all together just isn’t unusual to me. For all the rest of the conspiracy theories, choose to believe them or not; they are of no interest to me.

It also seems perfectly obvious that a vaccine is the right answer. We’ll come back to the other aspects of Bill Gates and vaccines here in a moment. At least in my life experience,  every time we’ve had a viral outbreak, eventually it peters out otherwise Ebola or Sars or the Spanish Flu would have eventually killed us all. This one might be different but the odds are better that it’s not.

Will, as the video suggests, we be forced to take a vaccine? Not likely but possible just as we were all vaccinated against polo.

Let’s have have a look at the eugenics aspects of things. Bill Gates has promoted the idea that in undeveloped countries, if parents believe that their children will have a high probability of living to adulthood, then they won’t have so many babies. Thus, if you vaccinate children and you do all the other things you need to do to keep people healthy, having a lot of kids so you’ll have enough around to take care of you in old age is counter productive and expensive. Seems right.

And this will result in a smaller population which might be good for the environment. Actually, as I pointed out in another article quite a while ago, the only way to reduce human impact on the environment is by having fewer people. You can’t have as many people as you want and hope that technology will be able to constantly drive down the impact. I think I recommended nuking India as a solution but I might not have been totally serious.

On to the “Bill Gates planning to use microchip implants to fight coronavirus.” No, no, no. It’s some nonsense that came from Reddit originally. Microchips for storing medical data have been discussed for a number of years now so it’s really nothing new. Again, Bill Gates is not an inventor but he’s describing ideas that other people have had since Star Trek TOS.

One of the interesting things is we get to watch China, Italy, and Spain to see how they do in getting back to normal. If it turns out that the virus continues to leap up and we’re in a constant state of “whack-a-mole,” we’re going to want some sort of means of being alerted if someone tests positive so we can get a test — assuming there’s a reliable therapeutic that can be given before you get symptoms. We’ll have to see where this winds up but China has a hugely more difficult problem here than we do!

And now the birth control chip which was pioneered by a startup called Microchips Bioscience out of MIT. Pretty cool if you ask me. You can read all about it. 

Bill Gates is personally interested in the product and it, like any other birth control, could be misused — or it could be a great means of birth control. Dare Bioscience acquired Microchips late last year. This product is just another delivery system for contraceptives with way too much technology and cost to be useful as an overall solution to control population.

So there you go. My view on conspiracy theories is that if these people are that smart, I can’t do a single thing about it. The good news is that they’re not that smart.

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