BREAKING: NY Closed Until May 15

Governor Cuomo has extended the “NY Pause” until May 15. He has a new graph this morning WITH COLORS!

This is one of those “duh” kind of slides you use when you really don’t have a clue. OF COURSE you’d like to make sure your essential industries have a low infection rate because — they’re essential. It also doesn’t hurt that many “essential services” are represented by unions.

The “do step” simply isn’t available to the governor. He doesn’t have the resources and he doesn’t have the money — and he knows it. President Trump is the only one with the resources to actually do something other than create slides about what it would be nice to do.

Here’s his testing slide for today which is just a combination of slides he showed yesterday.

He has yet to add the sophistication that it has to be right kind of testing — he just wants more “of it” — faster. The only testing that’s going to be meaningful from this point on is antibody testing AND ONLY THEN if we have some science to understand the correlation between antibodies and immunity.

You can’t just call this into existence any more than you can poop labs or snap your fingers and have a tracing army appear. And they call us science deniers!

Mark Rosneck

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