Woke Just Looks Plain Silly Now

But it doesn’t stop then

Unfortunately, one of my jobs here is to write the occasional post which means I need to find things to write about. This means I have to read stuff that I know is going to annoy me but I have to hope there’s some humor in it. The good thing is that you can read virtually anything these days that’s outside of the conservative press and find something.

Kyle is a journalist for Denver’s 9News TV station. I’ve never met him but I think he’s a caring guy. The real problem is that people really think that not using words will somehow change a person’s thinking — or cause them to not think about something. Horse hockey. I think by now that everyone on the planet, literally, knows where the virus originated. If they’re goofy enough to blame citizens of this country for the outbreak because they have an Asian appearance, there’s not a thing anyone can do to stop them.

But just in case, we want to continue to egg on these brain damaged individuals with official pronouncements that maybe they were right all along:

By the way, kids can be cruel and I’m certain that there’s a fair amount of bullying going on. Guess what? It was going to happen anyway.

This is from an article titled Presbyterians and the coronavirus: Ideas and responses so far

Vulnerable groups. Some subpopulations are likely to be particularly vulnerable. Among them:

The homeless.

The elderly.

Asylum seekers living in encampments across the Mexican border.

Food insecure children who are now out of school, but who rely on free and reduced-price lunches to avoid chronic hunger.

“Asylum seekers living in encampments across the Mexican border”? Really? I’m sorry but if you’re not a citizen of this country, we can’t help you right now. I’ll even extend that to “if you’re not living in our country right now, we can’t help you.” Regardless of your citizenship status, we’re not going to let you die on the sidewalk while this virus rots your lungs out.

The other three I’m in for and we need to be aware and help wherever and whenever we can.

By the way, why can’t we just write “people” rather than “subpopulation?” I’m over 65 so that puts me in the elderly class of citizens but I’m not a subpopulation, thank you very much.

Some have no ability to social distance: those on courtroom benches awaiting arraignment, those in prison, those being loaded on planes in shackles to be deported.

Oh, good heavens! You know the other people who can’t social distance are the police! I feel really badly for a police officer who comes down with the China Virus while protecting us from criminals and especially the ones that are being loaded on planes in shackles to be deported! If you’re in shackles on a plane, you’re someone the United States government wants out of this country really badly!

Another group who can’t social distance are our doctors, nurses, and everyone else who works in a hospital or healthcare facility. If there’s any group that could use some prayers it’s these folks.

And one last quote from the article:

Day by day. Because that seems to be the new normal.

NO IT IS NOT! Good golly sweet molly! The medical part of this will be over in a couple of months and then we’ll work to rebuild the economy which is going to be a whole lot easier than rebuilding it after 2008.

The author is right from one perspective which is that illness, hurricanes, earthquakes are all normal. What’s abnormal is thinking that we somehow got past all of that and that we’re all guaranteed a happy, productive life. I think we’ve just been lucky.

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