Unwashed Memes Of The Week

Is it that time of the week already? Everyone already stocked up on bottled water and toilet paper so their Wuhan shrines will be accepted by Dear Leader Winneh Da Poo?

Good, so let’s get to the memes:

Image Mini Mike certainly didn’t follow the advice above. What a dope.


I was happy to see that this meme was up within seconds of Fauxcahontas announcing that she’d just go git her a beer:

I’m not saying to blow it all off, or ignore quarantine orders, but you know the media revels in times like these, as it drives ad clicks up. Maybe the toilet paper industry paid handsomely to drive up teh hype:

Only problem with this one is that the guy in the Blue shirt is too tall (I can make that joke, because I’m short too!)

Now we know how Joe got the Beto endorsement:

Little sumthin’ for you old farts:

I’m hoping beyond hope that Gropey picks the most Sanctimonious Senator in the Union. Trust me Joe – Mitt will give you a HUGE boost! Otherwise, you’ve got this…

Here’s some Prime humor for ya:

In case it isn’t painfully apparent already, Lefties can’t meme. Thus you had to look to Trump memesters to come up with good Biden ones on Tuesday:

Which sent 1/1024th back to the liquor cabinet

And because we’re supposed to have at least one Epstein meme in here by law:

What’s the latest, AOC?

Ok people. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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