Trump Broke James Comey


Trump Broke James Comey

James Comey, was, at one point one of the most powerful men in Washington. Director of the FBI through two presidents. Respected by Republicans and Democrats.

Then President Trump fired him for his part in engineering a failed soft coup with the Russia investigation. Now, James Comey spends his days bashing his former boss on Twitter and tweeting baffling, random pictures of himself staring at the sky.

Trump Broke James Comey Twitter

I think it’s fair to say that President Trump has finally, utterly broken James Comey. Yesterday, James posted a “social distancing selfie” for some reason. Fair warning, James looks a little…rough.

I’m not sure what qualifies this as a “social distance selfie.” Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s all by himself in a random room of his house. I’m also not sure why James felt it was necessary for him to post an unshaven selfie. I’m not one to judge, however, as I often go without pants even when I’m not social distancing.

Twitter, however, judged James Comey very, very harshly.

James Comey went from running the nation’s top law enforcement agency to posting creepy, unshaven selfies on Twitter.

How the mighty hath fallen.

President Trump has completely and utterly broken him.


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