FFXIV: Il Mheg Fierce And Free – The Naked Hrothgar

FFXIV Il Mheg The Naked Hrothgar

Full disclosure, part 1: I play video games. Rather extensively, in fact. My genre of choice for years has been the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. MMORPG for short. Throughout the years I’ve played pretty much all of the big ones, and a lot of the smaller ones that never quite made it off the ground. My game of choice for the last year and a half, however, has been Final Fantasy 14.

I’ve been considering creating a YouTube/BitChute channel dedicated to Final Fantasy 14 for the last year now. I finally pulled the trigger on it the other day, and created The Naked Hrothgar. The first video I’ve done is a travelogue of the land of Il Mheg.

Il Mheg is the legendary home of Norvrandt’s fae folk. Il Mheg has gained a reputation as an eerie, some would say foreboding place filled to the brim with mischievous pixies. Honestly, though, the pixies aren’t so bad once you get to know them.

Just don’t turn your back on them for a second.

Enjoy the relaxing day time theme of Il Mheg-Fierce and Free. I’ve also included a selection of screenshots that capture the essence of Il Mheg and its inhabitants.

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FFXIV Lyhe Mheg The Naked Hrothgar

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