SpartaReport Announces Coronavirus Response Plan

Like everyone else, we’re totally caught up in the hysteria of the coronavirus and are announcing the following steps to keep everyone safe.

We will be adopting Mike Cernovich’s recommendation regarding handshaking:

Effective immediately, please give a polite bow to Moderators when we enter the chat. It doesn’t have to be a full throated Samurai style bow. This video might be helpful.

Please use medical mask emojis in a limited way. If you are not affected with the disease, you should not use this emoji since they may be needed by individuals with the disease or by medical professionals.

Image result for emoji mask

We have also cancelled all events for the foreseeable future and SpartaReport World Headquarters is closed to visitors until further notice.

After posting, please use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol per CDC guidelines. Please reframe from using any poop icons or memes during this health emergency.

In line with the President’s orders, we will be deleting any posts from Iran. Safety is our number one concern here. Well, actually it’s number three but close enough.

Thank you for understanding.

Your Sparta Report Medical Advisory Board.





Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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