New Zealand Bans Hongi and Other Important News

No hongi? This is really getting serious! Wait, what? You don’t know what a hongi is? It’s the Mãori greeting of New Zealand were people touch noses. Yeah, probably not a great idea.

NASCAR and IndyCar have both postponed their seasons. But fear not! We have virtual racing this Sunday!

This Scott Adams tweet won’t age well:

As someone pointed out, this thinking is what got us Japanese internment camps although they were ultimately declared legal by the Supreme Court.

What could be interesting is that there is so much that the federal courts have been able to muddle in (e.g., Abortion) based on the “commerce clause,” that this may pave the way to brushing away many state’s rights during this pandemic. We’ll see. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I think if I was a doctor and the President said “do what you need to do to help sick people,” I think I’d just do it and let things sort themselves out later.

Verify did tweet exactly this. So what’s the deal? The Left, of course, is screeching “TRUMP LIED! TRUMP LIED!” I, for one, am a bit miffed that the administration messed this up but we’ll probably know more on Monday. If I was to guess, an executive at Verify was probably told by the administration that cost was no object and to get it done. That person probably said “you betcha!” and they’re now scrambling to figure out how to take an infinite amount of money for this website and actually delivery something that works.

I actually don’t mind that the test is free even the uninsured or illegals, for that matter, so they get tested — when it’s appropriate. This seems like one of those things where politicians are telling people what they think they want to hear and leaving out the big BUT. And the BUT, I believe, will be “when you bring a form from a doctor saying you should be tested.”

Out of curiosity, how many Americans would be demanding a kit if it was positioned as “all Americans must come to a mobile clinic and give a cheek swab for entry into a medical database.” Just asking . . .

I just thought this was really interesting. This is a product called Germ Falcon that uses UV light to kill coronavirus on airplanes.

Everyone have a good day and practice your social distancing.


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