MSM: “Japanese” attack on Pearl Harbor promotes xenophobia


Reporters from PBS, MPR, CNN, the Washington Post, New York Times and other news outlets pushed back on President Roosevelt’s insistence on calling last Sunday’s bombing of Pearl Harbor a “Japanese” attack.

By labeling the man-caused disaster “Japanese” peace activists worry that such xenophobic attribution may lead to wider war in the Pacific.

Said one reporter from PBS: “Mr. President, don’t you worry that such reckless language could cause hurt feelings in The Land of the Rising Sun?”

Roosevelt reportedly replied “This is a day that shall live in infamy” and did not address the deeper question of the morality of American’s entering into what could be 3+ years of military quagmire in the Far East.

Other reporters wondered aloud that if, say for example, the Chinese were responsible for recklessly letting a biological contagion escape from China because of their secrecy and negligence  would Roosevelt then call it the Chinese Virus.

Only future history will know…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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