Live: President Trump Rallies in Charlotte, NC

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President Trump Rallies Charlotte Coronavirus

President Trump is has just arrived in Charlotte, NC, for yet another MAGA rally. Mark Knoller, one of the few halfway honest journalists left in this country, managed to snap a pretty neat picture of President Trump’s arrival.

Tonight’s rally comes in the midst of the media-fueled panic over the coronavirus. Fake news scions have dutifully spread the lie that President Trump dared to call the corona virus a hoax. Democrat leaders have done their best to politicize the outbreak by insisting President Trump has done nothing to stop it.

Even though President Trump offered aid to China in the early stages of their outbreak.

Even though President Trump enacted a travel ban on foreign nationals who have traveled to China, with the possibility of even further restrictions to come.

Even though Trump has considered using the Defense Production Act to step up production of masks and protective gear. Protective gear, by the way, that is in short supply because the media has convinced people that coronavirus is the next Spanish Flu.

Even though Trump expanded the coronavirus travel ban to include Iran, parts of Italy, and South Korea.

Even though after nearly two months the United States has only seen six deaths from coronavirus. It’s worth noting that four of the six deaths have been in Democrat-controlled Washington state.

Even though President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm) waited six months to declare the last pandemic virus, H1N1, a national health emergency. Millions of Americans were infected by the time Obama took steps to deal with the virus. Over 1,000 had died.

None of that matters. Clearly President Trump has done absolutely nothing to halt the spread of a virus that has only managed to kill six Americans.

Democrats would probably rather President Trump put them in charge of the coronavirus response. Thank God he hasn’t. We’d all be dead.

You can watch a live stream of President Trump’s Charlotte rally below:

Edit: This video pretty much sums up my entire rant.


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