Lindsey Graham Says Increasing Unemployment Benefits to Unemployed Because of Stay At Home Orders is the “Worst Idea I’ve Seen”

Why the GOP Fails to Persuade Voters: Part XIII

This was already highlight in an earlier article, but Lindsey Graham just made an additional comment:

Is this guy for real?

The backstory is that the three Senators (Graham, Sasse, and Scott) have refused to fast track the Senate bill because they believe this will cause a wave of unemployment since people will be paid 100% of their wages for the next four months so they will quit their job.

Except that this is not how unemployment works. A person only qualifies for unemployment if they lose their job through no fault of their own. Not if they suddenly see an increase in benefits and quit.

Again, these Senators have no understanding of how the real world works, yet people keep re-electing Senators like Lindsey Graham who go on to propagate fake news like this.

People who have been forced home by their state and local elected officials didn’t have a choice to be unemployed, the government forced them into this state. Does Lindsey Graham expect everyone to survive on less than 50% of their wages for the next couple of months?

Again, is this guy for real?

Tim Scott of South Carolina apparently seems to think that people will be able to make more money on unemployment than when they are fully employed:

So what does Tim Scott expect people to do?

My own case, I have been deemed a non-essential employee in Washington State. Therefore I am not allowed to work in my job for the next two months due to special restrictions put in place by the Governor of Washington.

I am by definition, furloughed or on standby work, and cannot search for other employment in the state because I am slated to come back to work in the same job after the proclamation shuttering my employer is ended in May.

My bills are still coming in and I am told that the government will only give me less than half of what I would be earning at my job if they allowed me to work, yet I am still not allowed to work. And if I take a job to make up the difference, I would no longer be allowed unemployment.

And I cannot seek other employment for a similar wage as my field is completely shut down for business as is many other industries.

Scott, Graham, and Sasse all expect those on forced unemployment to take a 50% pay cut while they give billions of dollars to mega corporations in grants and loans.

The retort that “everyone should have savings” doesn’t work when the government is bailing out mega corporations who forgot to fund a rainy day savings account on one hand and refuses to do the same for the average unemployed worker on the other.

Does anyone wonder how this looks to the American people and why the Republican party seems to only be elected when the stars align.

Look at Senators Sasse, Graham, and Scott.

UPDATE: Senators want to voice their outrageous outrage:

It looks like more and more that this is just an outrageous outrage incident and the three Senators want an amendment to deal with (likely eliminate) this provision in the bill and should that fail, they would not stop final passage:


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