In re: Elizabeth Warren; what if we just accept the premise….

Since about 0.00001 second (that’s 10 millionths of a second, for the Brian Williams crew;) after Senator Warren ended her candidacy, the cry has gone out that “misogyny ended her campaign.”

Nancy Pelosi says so; A Warren fan name Olivia Christensen wrote turgidly of her 8 year old daughters “first lesson in misogyny;” Senator Warren herself has weighed in.

So pervasive is this new talking point that we now have conservative-leaning talk radio hosts working the contra-argument; it can’t be misogyny; it’s simper; defects in the candidate, her message, or the packaging of that message made voters look elsewhere (read: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders) for inspiration and, finding them more palatable, voted for them.

I propose, in this case, that we surrender entirely to the premise….

Now, it’s simple; Registered Democrats, and independents who lean that way, and chose a Democratic ballot, are incurably, absolutely, sexist, misogynistic irredeemables. Yep. You betcha! This is what we’re told; this is what we will, henceforth, believe, and promote.

Guess what, progressives; you’re sexist! This is the mirror you need to hold up, and stare at, and bask in the reflection from; you can’t abide a woman in power; you couldn’t let Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris, or Amy Klobuchar, or Marianne Williamson, or Kirstin Gillibrand. I won’t even speak to the horrid treatment of Tulsi Gabbard, who’s still in the race, (she persists!) and doesn’t even get a mention while you’re wallowing in your angst over Senator Warren’s exit.

Good job, liberals; a group of strong, capable women, with a variety of accomplishments, and you can’t give any one of them a chance; what the hell is wrong with you people?

Finally, I’ll let you in on a secret; we knew, all along you were the party of misogyny and patriarchy. The mask fell off when you savaged Governor Palin in 2008. We saw. We knew. When you edited footage to make her look unserious; we knew. When you joked about her daughter being raped in the stands at a baseball game; we knew. We knew then; we know now.

And now, you’ve admitted it.



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Written by massrighty


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