FAKE NEWS: Henry Ford Hospital

This will be big in the morning so be prepared.

The Henry Ford Medical System in Michigan has a written policy ready for what to do should they run out of ventilators. Somehow this made its way on Twitter. My guess is every hospital has such a policy in their pandemic manual.

Andy Slavitt Former Medicare, Medicaid, ACA head for Obama tweeted:

NOW: A major hospital in the Midwest has reached its limit on ventilators minutes ago.

They are handing out forms saying that only those “with the best chance of survival” will get care. Others will be getting pain medication. 1/

The hospital then tweeted back a bit later:

Henry Ford News
With a pandemic, we must be prepared for worst case. With collective wisdom from our industry, we crafted a policy to provide guidance for making difficult patient care decisions. We hope never to have to apply them. We will always utilize every resource to care for our patients.

What does seem to be true is that they reached capacity in two of their hospitals and have transferred patients to other hospitals.

We’ll see how this shakes out in the morning.

Here’s the policy:

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