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Yesterday’s Chinese Coronavirus Task Force press conference saw MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell speaking to the assembled fake news reporters. In fact, Mike Lindell had a rather emotional message for the American people.

Fake News CNN had been covering the task force briefing until that point. They reportedly cut away once Mike Lindell began discussing how his company was helping to protect Americans from the Chinese Coronavirus.

CNN executive editor Ram Ramgopal retweeted a video of Mike Lindell’s remarks by fellow CNN fake news reporter Aaron Rupar. Ramgopal, of course, felt the need to add a snarky and profoundly ignorant comment to the video.

The reason that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was standing with President Trump at that podium was because MyPillow had repurposed 75% of their production capacity to manufacture protective masks. Masks which, naturally, would be used by healthcare professionals on the front lines of the fight against Chinese Coronavirus. In fact, Lindell had announced that My Pillow hoped to be able to produce 50,000 masks per day by Friday.

Mike Lindell’s announcement during the task force briefing was not news. Local media had reported MyPillow’s production shift nearly a week ago. I can personally attest that it took me roughly two minutes to find this information on Google. Of course, a full minute of that was spent contemplating the sheer stupidity of our national news media in this time of crisis.

The point is that Ram Ramgopal could have easily figured out what MyPillow was doing in this time of Chinese Coronavirus. Instead, Ramgopal chose to snark off with a tweet implying that the only thing Mike Lindell was doing was preaching to Americans during a Chinese Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

Luckliy, Twitter users were quick to point out Ramgopal’s idiocy in the most savage manner possible.

To his credit, Ramgopal did tweet out the story pointing out that MyPillow was producing tens of thousands of medical masks per day.

Of course, this came only after he had been thoroughly scorched as a fake news hack by justifiably outraged Americans.

Gee, why is the media’s approval rating on Chinese Coronavirus worse than President Trump’s?


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