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Crisis, unwasted.


Never one to be accused of letting a crisis go to waste, The Mentor of The Chicago Jesus gleefully weighed in on how The Woo Han could nail down the lid on Trump’s Re-Election coffin:

Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week,” former Chicago Mayor and former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel sounded off on the 2020 presidential race amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Emanuel said the coronavirus precautions preventing President Donald Trump from having his typical rallies and thus missing out on the admiration he craves will be “devastating” and will “psychologically torment him.”

“This administration right now looks like they couldn’t organize a one-car parade,” Emanuel stated. “And I think here’s what’s devastating for Donald Trump — beyond the fact that this requires science, management, data and being transparent, which are all his weaknesses — you’re going to have a point that within about two months where you can’t have big events together.”

The Donks and their MSM adjunct now seem to be taking a War of the Worlds approach to beating Trump.*

And if you are like me and have picked up on a certain breathlessness of reporting on The Woo Han in the MSM you might want to check out this little ditty of a post by occasional #NeverTrumper  Jimmy Lileks over at The Bleat:

I suspect this will seem, in retrospect, as the last “normal” week. The one in which there was other news.

This doesn’t mean everything will be actually horrible. It means the news will be horrible, in that it gives a sense of a rapidly escalating catastrophe that produces mass unease and uncertainty.

A few weeks ago, I think, I mused about some previous pandemic about which I’d forgotten, except that I bought masks, and noted a run on rice at Costco, That was the Swine Flu pandemic, of course. It was declared by the WHO to be A Thing in June 2009. I decided to go back to the StarTribune archives to see how it played out. From what I recalled, there was concern, but nothing like we’re seeing today. See if you recall any of this, or your local variant.

Lileks then goes on to post a dozen or so headlines and grafs from the Strib on how The Chicago Jesus handled The Pandemic of ’09.

It’s telling but not unexpected.




In H. G. Wells classic book the Martian Menace is finally laid low by The Common Cold, for which The Alien Horde have no natural resistance.

Having tried everything from pussy-grabbing to Peechmint it really would be ironic if Trump’s Demise was the result of such a Wellsian turn of events.

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Written by Bruno Strozek

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