Chloroquine, a Z-PAC and Thou

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The Governor of Nevada made a losing bet and is full spin control mode:

 “Yesterday, a number of press outlets, including the AP, agreed to correct headlines and language yesterday that incorrectly called this decision a “ban.” There is an explicit exception in the regulation allowing for a “chart order for an inpatient in an institutional setting,” McInerny wrote.

That means, according to McInerny, doctors in hospitals and emergency rooms can still prescribe those drugs to treat an admitted patient, diagnosed with COVID-19.

News 3 was also able to confirm late Thursday that chloroquine is, in fact, currently being used to treat COVID-19 patients in Nevada

Amazing how quickly this story is morphing before it is dispatched down The Memory Hole…


This Just In: FDA goes batty!

And on cue the Media will begin cheer-leading for this to fail and for people to die in 3-2-1…

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Written by Bruno Strozek

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