Another Day, Another Joe Biden “Gaffe”


Joe Biden Gaffe

Former Vice President Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden has been catapulted into the role as the Democrat front runner after his big Super Tuesday win. Biden has become the Democrats’ last best hope to derail the Bernie Sanders Socialist train.

Biden promptly celebrated his newfound front runner status by telling a crowd that he would increase their health insurance premiums, thereby making sure that healthcare was “not quality, but only affordable.”

Biden did correct himself later on in the speech by saying “quality that is affordable.”

This is only the latest in a string of “gaffes” that illustrate the fact that the former Vice President is losing his grip on reality. He forgets words and stumbles over them. He jumbles thoughts and confuses people. Just a few days ago Joe Biden confused his wife with his sister and vice versa at a a campaign stop.

Joe Biden may be more physically fit than Hillary Clinton was, but mentally Joe is not all there.

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Written by Radius

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