Trump Names Richard Grenell Acting Director Of National Intelligence

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President Trump Richard Grenell

Earlier today rumors broke that President Trump was considering naming the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, the Acting Director of National Intelligence.

President Trump made the official announcement just a few minutes ago in a tweet.

Richard Grenell brings a wealth of foreign policy experience to the position as the now former ambassador to Germany. Breitbart examined the rather long list of Grenell’s accomplishments as ambassador:

Grenell, one of Trump’s most trusted ambassadors, has served as U.S. ambassador to Germany since the U.S. Senate confirmed him in April 2018. Prior to this posting, Grenell was the longest-ever serving spokesman for the U.S. at the United Nations for eight years—but it is during his time in Berlin where Grenell has set himself apart from others when it comes to his effectiveness as a diplomat.

Early in his tenure as U.S. ambassador to Germany, Grenell—at Trump’s direction—secured the deportation of 95-year-old Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij.

“The president asked me to do this so I made a point to bring it up at every single meeting … they could tell that we were making it a priority,” Grenell told reporters at the time in a White House briefing.

Several previous administrations both Republican and Democrat failed to get Germany to accept Palij into their custody if the U.S. deported him. But Grenell succeeded when Trump tasked him with it.

“The previous approach had been trying to work through the legal argument, the reality is that I made a moral argument about that fact that the German government had a moral obligation because this individual served in the name of the former German government,” Grenell said at the time.

That first flashy win—securing the deportation of the Nazi—was hardly the only one Grenell has delivered for President Trump during his time in Germany. Grenell has emerged as Trump’s perhaps most effective ambassador, wracking up win after win for the United States on foreign and security policy in Europe.

Perhaps most significantly, thanks in large part to pressure from Grenell, Germany has finally agreed to increase its spending on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) spending from its lowly one percent of German Gross Domestic Product (GDP) up to the two percent of GDP that NATO membership supposedly requires. While the Germans say they will hit this goal by 2031, it is under Trump’s administration—and Grenell’s pressure campaign on behalf of the president—that the Germans agreed to meet this goal.

“Germany will reach a NATO defense spending target by 2031, its defense minister said, missing a 2024 deadline agreed by the allies who are under heavy U.S. pressure to beef up their military budgets,” Reuters reported in November 2019. “Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said Germany would spend 2% of its economic output on defense by 2031, belatedly reaching the goal set by NATO leaders at a 2014 summit, months after Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula.”

Earlier, in August 2019, Grenell publicly pressured Germany saying according to Stars and Stripes magazine that it was “actually offensive” that the U.S. kept troops in Germany while Germany did not pay up on its NATO obligations for member countries. Grenell’s success on Trump’s behalf on forcing Germany to pay up on NATO obligations comes after years of Trump criticizing NATO countries for dropping the ball on their commitments, a major theme of the president’s insurgent 2016 campaign and a talking point the president has zoned in on repeatedly during his presidency.

Grenell also successfully, at Trump’s direction, stopped the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany—which would transport natural gas about 750 miles from eastern to central Europe. President Trump in late 2019 leveled sanctions against the company building the pipeline, which forced the company to stop its construction—and Grenell was intricately involved in doing this and helping develop then enact and implement the policy visions that led to this success.

There’s a lot more to Richard Grenell’s tenure as ambassador. I highly suggest reading the entire article.

Perhaps most importantly Richard Grenell has been a staunch backer of President Trump ever since his confirmation in 2018. He has consistently implemented the president’s foreign policy wishes over the last two years. Having Grenell as the Acting Direction of National Intelligence is a huge game changer in President Trump’s fight to reign in an intelligence community with ambitions above its station.

Plus, Richard Grenell will be the first openly gay cabinet member in United States history.

That’s bound to piss the Left off to no end.

What’s not to love about this decision?


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