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Traitor Mitt Will Vote To Convict! UPDATE: Don Jr.: Expel Mitt!

Destroying the Constitution…

Traitor Mitt Convict

The “esteemed” Senator from the state of Utah, Mitt “Severely Conservative” Romney, has announced that he will not, in fact, be standing with his fellow Republicans. Traitor Mitt will instead vote to convict President Trump for the vague, non-crime of “abuse of power.”

The traitorous snake made his announcement earlier today on the floor of the US Senate.

Traitor Mitt said, “Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of one’s oath of office that I can imagine.”

Except, for the fact, that none of that happened. The only place any crime was committed was in the fever dreams of Adam Schiff, and the vodka-fueled hallucinations of Nancy the Ripper.

I would point out that Hunter Biden and potentially Joe Biden were the only parties that committed crimes in the Ukraine, but we wouldn’t know that. Joe Biden stopped the investigation into his son’s corruption by pressuring the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating him, Victor Shokin. Joe Biden then had the temerity to brag about his corruption in public.

Lest we forget:

Utah state Rep. Tim Quinn recently introduced a bill to allow the citizens of that great state to recall US Senators. Here’s hoping that bill works its way through the legislature quickly.

America is tired of Traitor Mitt polluting the halls of the once-great US Senate.

Update: Donald Trump, Jr. has called on the GOP to expel Traitor Mitt from the party.

I completely agree. Traitor Mitt stands against everything the Republican party is supposed to stand for.


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