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The Mayor Pete/Antonio Gramsci Connection

One Degree of Separation

When you look around at The Trouble We’re In it’s always good to remember that the genesis for the Whole Heapin’ Helpin’ sittin’ on our plate can be directly traced back to The Father of the Long March, Antonio Gramsci.

Way back in the days when Sparta was still Hot Gas I wrote a brilliant two-part piece (“aw shucks”, looks down and kicks dirt with Keds high tops) on Gramsci which you can access through the wonder of The Internets by clicking here and here.  (Please do!)

Gramsci, along with his soul brothers at The Frankfurt School, are probably the most successful and insidious of Bill Ayers and Barack Obama’s mentors and by extension Bernie Sanders and AOC too.

All roads to Fundamental Transformation stem from these two philosophical starting points.

So it was with Great Interest that I read the following from Roger Kimball’s post in The Spectator entitled Pete Buttigieg isn’t going to win:

Mayor Peter is the openly gay son of the editor and translator of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks. Gramsci’s important contribution to the literature of totalitarian tyranny was his idea that Communist dictatorship could only come to free countries by means of a ‘long march through the institutions’, cultural as well as political. The left has pretty well accomplished this with respect to the universities and the elite cultural institutions of the media and the so-called ‘arts community’. Mayor Pete wants to finish the job through such expedients as packing the Supreme Court with six more seats, abolishing the electoral college (it’s ‘undemocratic’, he says), disarming the populace (a precaution tyrants always take), providing a ‘glide path‘ for the government takeover of healthcare, opening up the borders, and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for college, even for illegal immigrants, whom he also wants to offer amnesty. It’s a start, Comrade.

The truth is, Buttigieg is about as moderate as Bernie Sanders.

I usually don’t embed All the Links in posts but this time is an exception.

(Read the whole thing anyway though.)

While I agree with Kimball the Mayor Pete isn’t going to win this time around prudence and history should give rise to caution about his long term prospects for success.

It’s not called The Long March for nothing…

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Written by Bruno Strozek

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