Save the Trees or Save the Congolese?


The virtue-signaling anti-mining Twin Cities liberal elites have a dilemma on their hands:

Do they save the Trees?


Do they save the Congolese?

The Center for the American Experiment outlines the problem in a post titled Can Mining in Minnesota Reduce Child Labor in the Congo?

Cobalt has become a controversial topic in the debate over copper nickel mining in Minnesota’s Duluth Complex. This metal, which is used in the lithium ion batteries in laptops, tablets, and electric cars, has become a lighting rod because most of the cobalt produced in the world comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where some of the cobalt is mined using child labor.

Virtually everyone has a cellphone, laptop, or tablet that has a battery requiring cobalt. This has led many people to ask the question, can mining in Minnesota reduce the demand for unethically mined cobalt in the Congo?

As Mahatma Ghandi once said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world,” and unless the change we wish to see is more child miners, we should  develop Minnesota’s nation-leading cobalt deposits.

If Minnesota won’t lead on ethical mineral development, then who will?


The battle that has been going on between monied urbanites wanting a supply of indentured sherpa labor for their between Memorial Day to Labor Day excursions to the the BWCA area of NE Minnesota and the year-round residents of the Iron Range who rely on mining to provide a roof and bread on the table has resulted in this once solid DFL district now as shining bright red as the iron ore that made it famous.

Pitting the competing Liberal needs to Virtue Signal on the issues of Environment and Child Labor Exploitation against one another is a Brilliant Tactic.

Look, it’s under 300 miles from the Twin Cities to Ely and over 7,500 miles to the Congo so we all know how this is gonna turn out.

Still, the CAE post provides a great tweek and great troll of a socially and economically myopic, self-absorbed and completely insincere group of urban-centric dilettantes that deserve both.

(added bonus: Ely, Minnesota is the Ancestral Homeland of Senator Amy Klobuchar. Perhaps someone ought to ask her about her position on saving the trees versus saving the Congolese…)

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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