President Trump Celebrates #AcquittalDay

Acquitted forever!

President Trump #AcquittalDay

The United States Senate has just found President Trump not guilty of the non-crimes of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The result was a foregone conclusion, despite the defection of Traitor Mitt to the dark side.

Naturally, President Trump celebrated his complete exoneration the only way he knows how-by trolling the ever living crap out of the Left.

Leftists were quaking with barely suppressed rage.

That’s actually pretty much what acquittal means.

Saying over and over again doesn’t make it so.

I think you mean to say “acquitted,” and “still your president.”

Never Trumpers keep using that word “Republican.”

It doesn’t mean what they think it means.

Imagine being so stupid you think Traitor Mitt is a paragon of virtue.

I would say go easy on these poor Leftists. They’ve been working as hard as they can for the last three years to get Trump removed from office. Their leaders and the media told them that President Trump would be impeached, and Orange Man Bad would be thrown out of office. The fact that it hasn’t happened has to have rocked what little sanity they have left.

Then again, screw them. The Left put this nation through three years of hell because they couldn’t accept the fact that Hillary Clinton was a piss poor candidate with a penchant for suiciding everyone around her.

I say gloat as much as you want.


Written by Radius

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