Praying is Hard These Days for a Conservative

I’m pretty tolerant to whatever mansplaining (or womansplaining as well as any other sexual variant of pastorsplaining) there is from the pulpit. Not everything is about politics; kindness and charity are universal truths.

I was at a church activity today where we were encouraged to recite Lord of all nations, hear our prayer to A Prayer to End Racism. Seemed reasonable and I’m certainly not in favor of racism. However, there were a few parts of the prayer that I simply could not, in good conscious, respond to.

That each of us may acknowledge our part in mistakes and sins of the past pertaining to discrimination and racism, we pray …
Lord of all nations, hear our prayer

Sorry. I couldn’t do it. Some of my ancestors owned slaves and I do not acknowledge that I played any part in what we consider to be sins today nor do I acknowledge “my part” in any other sins by anyone else other than myself. I also do not acknowledge that there’s anything called a sin of discrimination or racism because what today we call discrimination and racism were once “the way things were meant to be.” I reject the entire concept of defining retroactive sins.

I’m a 21st Century ManTM and try very hard to comply with modern definitions of discrimination and racism because I believe these are morally proper (as I understand the concept) and consistent with Keeping American Great. However, these definitions are changing so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up with it all and I’m certainly not going to bother God with some of this insanity. Maybe when we get it all sorted out, I’ll let Him (or Her or whatever pronoun God turns out to prefer) in on where we wound up.

That we may make a personal commitment to abolish social structures which inhibit
economic, educational and social advancement of the poor, we pray …
Lord of all nations, hear our prayer.

I will make no such personal commitment since I have no ability to influence any “social structure.” I can only do what I think is right in the world. In my opinion, “social structures which inhibit . . .” do not exist in this country. What does exist is everyone is treated equally but not necessarily fairly. The rise of Socialism in this country is a misguided attempt to create equality that will hopefully continue to be beaten back with all our strength.

That we may work for decent working conditions, adequate income, housing, education and health care for all people, we pray …
Lord of all nations, hear our prayer.

Can’t do it since “work for” simply means the transfer of my treasure that I’ve worked a lifetime to amass to others. Of course, maybe “work for” is meant to mean having the government do it since that won’t cost anyone anything. Or maybe those who have “more money then they could possibly need” should chip in. By the way, organizations with a whole lot of “treasure” are churches.

The difference, it seems to me, is the truth from Benjamin Franklin that:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthywealthy and wise.
This is Plan A of “the American Dream.” Do that and if you stumble, I will do what I can to help whether that means through the government, the church, or my personal donations (for which I shall take a full measure of a tax deduction!)




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