Memes Of Acquittal

Mitt’s Monocle Will Fall Into His Diet Root Beer

Romney to Juan McCain - Hold My Root Beer!

Boy have things been interesting as of late. Let’s blow off some steam with some dank memes.

Let’s start with a hearty laugh at numbnut liberals everywhere:


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Here’s the main motivation for Mitten’s backstabbing yesterday:

Mitt Romney Just Can't Even

I REALLY hope that President Trump stops giving his endorsement to people who are obvious snakes. He really needs to take that ‘snake’ story to heart:

Mitt the backstabbing, two-faced viper

And another meme from your’s truly:

Romney to Juan McCain - Hold My Root Beer!

Today on Family Feud…

Now for something non-political that kids of the 80’s/90’s will get

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Now back to the swamp and ripping it…

Now for who strangled it better?

Careful, Nancy would have no qualms about murdering your little dog too:


Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'T.C. H Math Test 1. Bob has 36 candy bars. He eats 29. What does he have now?'

Democrats sure have a hard time applauding America’s rise, I wonder why that is?

Democrats Can't Applaud America


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