Happy Acquitmas! Update: ACQUITTED FOREVER!!!

The End

Trump Adderall Alzheimer's Patient

Acquitmas Day is here!

This Peechmint is over.

On to The Next Peechmint!

(You know it’s coming Spartans…)

Update: The voting begins with the reading of the “charges” against President Trump. Watch on the live stream below:

Update: The US Senate finds President Trump not guilty on Article 1-Abuse of Power 52-48. Two Independents and Traitor Mitt vote to convict.

Update: Yup.

The next vote is on Article 2: Obstruction of Congress. I expect we’ll see pretty much the same result, with Traitor Mitt being the lone Republican voting to convict because “MUH PRINCIPULS!!!”

Or something.

Update: 53-47 against Article 2: Obstruction of Congress. President Trump is officially acquitted of these sham charges!

Update: Loser Hillary Clinton has a sad.

Update: The woman under federal investigation for marrying her brother in order to defraud immigration officials is beside herself with anger.

Update: Noted terrorist sympathizer and raving psycho is enraged.

Update: House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has the perfect response.

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