Cocaine Mitch Celebrates Acquittal Day With More Judges

Oh yes…

Cocaine Mitch Judges

Americans across the fruited plains celebrated Acquittal Day Wednesday with a myriad of different activities. Some Americans sat in silent reflection on how the country could have fallen so far from the vision the Founding Fathers laid out all those years ago. Others (me) trolled the ever living hell out of the Left and rubbed Trump’s acquittal in their faces.

Senate Majority Leader Cocaine Mitch McConnell celebrated by preparing to ram more of President Trump’s judicial picks down the throats of shell-shocked Senate Democrats.

One Twitter user begged Cocaine Mitch to stop and take a breath.

Naturally, Cocaine Mitch was not in the mood to take such advice.

There’s two things you don’t screw with in Mitch McConnell’s world: his legacy, and the traditions of the Senate. Democrats took a big steaming dump all over the second, and jeopardized the first.

Cocaine Mitch will make sure their hubris costs the Democrats bigly.

Cocaine Mitch Judges pic


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