BREAKING: Democrats To Release Iowa Caucus Results By 5 EST


Democrats Iowa Caucus

The Democratic caucus in Iowa has been an unmitigated disaster. Nearly a day after the caucus and Iowa Democrats still have no idea who won the contest or how Iowa’s delegates will be apportioned.

The Iowa Democrat party has blamed “data issues” associated with a new tracking app for the problems. Others have alleged outright cheating by the DNC and other Democrat candidates, most notably Pete Buttigieg’s campaign.

The Iowa Democrat party, however, has pledged that they will release the unofficial results of the caucus by 5 PM EST:

Iowa’s Democratic Party officials said they plan to release the “majority” of the results of its presidential caucus by 5 p.m. ET Tuesday, after an embarrassing technology glitch involving a mobile app prevented a winner in the contest being announced Monday night.

Troy Price, the Iowa Democratic chairman, told staffers from presidential campaign during a conference call that more than 50 percent of the entire state’s caucus results would be released.

The call came as a number of politicals observers said it was time to scrap Iowa’s unusual caucus system, and its status as the first-in-the nation site for the presidential selection process.

Earlier Tuesday, the party said the there was no evidence that hackers caused the technology meltdown that has led to the unprecendented delay in releasing the eagerly awaited results.

“We have every indication that our systems were secure and there was not a cyber security intrusion,” thep arty said.

The Iowa party said that the results from tens of thousands of voters were delayed after an “accuracy and quality check” revealed “there were inconsistencies with the reports” of results from precinct caucuses compared with results on a new app that also was being used to record the outcomes from each precinct.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign released internal numbers last night that indicated that Sanders had won the caucus with over 29% of the vote. Buttigieg had come in second with Warren in third. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the establishment favorite, barely broke double digits for fourth place.

In another interesting twist, the Biden campaign is apparently heading to court to stop this afternoon’s release of the Iowa caucus numbers.

I’m guessing the numbers won’t be favorable to Biden.


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