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Amy Klobuchar is the Hot Dish Hillary Clinton

Warmed over Minnesota Nice

Minnesota is a Very Strange Place.

You know that but the Amy Klobuchar boomlet is yet another example.

Here in The Loon & Tick State the most valued quality is “niceness”.

You betcha.

For a refresher watch FARGO again.

And yes we really do talk like that.

Senator Klobuchar even wrote an auto-biography titled The Senator Next Door.

Who wouldn’t want That Nice Senator as a next-door neighbor anyway?

(Well, apparently Iowa caucus goers don’t but let’s not go there shall we.  Not nice.)

Although Senator Amy is Twin Cities suburban born and bred she really plays up her late father Jim Klobuchar’s background (a StarTribune columnist for years and years)  and his blue collar Iron Range bonafides.

Of course it wouldn’t be nice to mention how the Iron Range and MN8 have been turned red by Trump and is getting redder.

Senator Amy is known derisively as The Senator of Small Things for her unfailing advocacy of inoffensive legislation.

But behind the facade of Minnesota Niceness lurks The Real Amy Klobuchar who is essentially as likeable as Hillary Clinton with a tater-tot hot dish.

Tyrannical, explosive and downright nasty, The Senator Next Door is the Neighbor from Hell.

The Atlantic did a piece titled The Anger of Amy Klobuchar.


And Reason weighs in with Scandal-Plagued Sen. Amy Klobuchar Announces 2020 Presidential Run   “Minnesota Nice” branding belies mean streak and temper

When you’re outed as The New Queen of Mean by The Atlantic and Vanity Fair you might want  to check with you PR lackeys to see how that branding deal is going.

The always hilarious and very NSFW YouTuber Styx absolutely devastated Senator Amy on the eve of the New Hampshire primary:

So if you want a FROZEN version of Hillary Clinton by all means vote for Senator Amy.

At least there haven’t been any instances of Minnesotacide yet…



Old Hawtness from Hillary “Deplorables”

New Hawtness from Amy: “Indecents”

Via Breitbart:

Klobuchar: Trump Supporters Fail a ‘Decency Check’, ‘Patriotism Check’

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