What is the Next Trump “Scandal” Bombshell?

“I’ll take Secret Whistleblowers for $100, Alex.”

As Peechmint drags itself to its weary and inevitable conclusion you can bet your bottom dollar The Donk/Deep State/Media complex already has the next “Trump Scandal Bombshell” ready to explode across CNN chyrons in airports around the world.

What-o-what will it be?

A Sex Scandal? (Minneapolis StarTribune went with this one today)

A Forbidden Word Scandal?

A Financial Scandal?

A Rooshin-Yoo Crane Type Scandal?

A Fill-in-the-Group Children in Cages Scandal?

A Secret Indictment from the Southern District of New York Scandal?

The sky and your imagination are the only limits!

Have at it in the cements Spartans.

First prize is a Weekend with Cousin Brunoetta.

Second prize is Two Weekends with her – so bring your A game…


Oh, and I wanna post this just cuz it’s so spot on it makes Cousin Brunoetta’s head go The Full Linda Blair:

Top 8 Reasons Trump Already Won Impeachment


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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