The Republican Immigration Train is Leaving the Station

Hopefully this will be my last post on immigration for a bit —

And a cry of “Thanks be to God” rang out to all the land of Sparta!

Sometimes you just have to take a win and move on which is what we have here with refugees. President Trump, while he has never completely articulated the strategy, has moved the United States into the position of “doing immigration Right.”

  1. Everyone needs to come in legally.
  2. The number of refugees from predominately Muslim countries is now virtually zero — or, if you prefer, from countries that have shown an intent to do us harm
  3. The number of overall refugees have been cut from Obama’s requested 110,000 to 18,000 per year (in 2020).
  4. He has articulated that immigrants need to come in based on merit.
  5. He issued an Executive Order that requires that refugees be placed only in areas that want them.

Let me reiterate the difference between a refugee and an immigrant so we stay on the same page. Refugees are forced to leave a country and immigrants leave voluntarily.

In the first quarter of 2019, the latest numbers available, :

5,700 refugees were admitted (Table 2), an increase of seven percent compared to FY 2018 Q1, when a total of 5,300 refugees were admitted.

Countries of Origin

Ninety percent of refugees were from six top countries of nationality: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Burma, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Burundi (Table 2). In FY 2018 Q1, the six top countries of nationality (Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Ukraine, Eritrea, and Russia) accounted for 83 percent of refugee arrivals.

Do you see a lot of Muslim countries in that list? Afghanistan, by the way, accounted for 115 people. Also, roughly half  of the 5,700 are from the Congo with a 10% Muslim population. So if you have a concern about Muslim immigration, I think your President has your back.

In terms of the Executive Order, every State Governor should support taking in refugees. Why? First, the number is tiny and on average that’s about 100 people per state or maybe 20 families or so. The President has led the way in showing exactly how to admit refugees and we need to agree with him!

If a locality does not have a need for low wage, unskilled talent, then they won’t be able to create a refugee center because they won’t be able to get it funded. I love it when a plan comes together.

Twin Falls, Idaho is an example where we have industries that benefit from a constant influx of refugees since we grow potatoes, raise cows for milk and cheese, and the largest employer is Chobani yogurt. Yes, I know, it’s run by a Muslim!

Now is the time to make immigration a Republican issue. Continuing to be against refugee immigration is so last decade! President Trump has deftly maneuvered the entire immigration issue to one we can and should support. The Republican immigration train is ready to leave the station! All aboard!



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