Pessimist Kurt Schlichter is looking more right every day

A sad prophecy is being fulfilled

Kurt Schlichter is a regular columnist at TOWNHALL and the author of a series of four dystopian novels set in the not to distant future where a fully tribalized United States has split into a blue People’s Republic and a red Traditional America.

The gist is the there is a point of no return rapidly approaching where the shared civic ideals that have bound The Nation since Abraham Lincoln have been so shredded by the disciples of Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse that we will soon go The Full Humpty Dumpty.

A recent series of posts and articles across The Internets are coming to the same conclusion:

The New Criterion:  The Idea of an American Nation by James Piereson

City Journal:  Against Tribal America by Joel Kotkin

The New Criterion:  Pre & Post Citizens by Victor Davis Hanson

I’m not going to poach and post pulled quotes because that won’t do any of these articles justice.

The best thing you can do is read them all.

Seeing as Nanzi has vowed that next week will finally be Peechmint Week it’s best you give each post it’s due by way of Curdling Your Loins for The Coming Spectacle…


Author’s note: if you just hit The Fainting Couch because it’s supposed to be “Girding Loins” rather than “Curdling Loins” you’re either New To These Here Parts or you really don’t belong here at all…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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