Peach Mint Day 02

0In a surprise move, Congressman Schiff is asking for the entire play of Hamilton to be read into the record. When asked, Senator Mitch McConnell replied that “I’ve heard it’s really good but I’m not comfortable reading the script into the record without having actually seen the play first.”

In consultation with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, the entire Senate will adjourn to see the musical at the 8:00 PM running this Friday. In his written reply, Justice Roberts said “I’ve always wanted to see Hamilton but it’s been so darn busy at the Court. Things were better under the last guy.”

Senator Schumer has officially asked to recuse himself since, as he said, “I got comped a couple dozen free seats a couple years ago so I’m good.” Senator Schumer’s request was granted along with Senator Sanders who said he could just use a good nap.

Accommodations will be provided by the Trump International Hotel which is a convenient 17 minute walk. Senators should note that the hotel only accepts U.S. currency and credit cards.

BREAKING: Since reading a musical into the official trial record doesn’t make a lot of sense, a DVD signed by the cast will be clipped to the official record instead.

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