Nurse Holly Promotes Abstinence, Gets Doxed


Nurse Holly Doxed

Nurse Holly is a TikTok user who just happens to be the latest victim of the Left’s infamous Cancel Culture. What terrible crime could Nurse Holly have possibly committed that was so hateful, so vile that offended Leftists and even doctors felt the need to harass her?

Nurse Holly dared to say that abstinence is the most effective way to promote [Note 1] prevent sexually transmitted diseases, of course. She also just happens to be a Christian, which, of course, is a double sin in the eyes of the Left.

Christian apologist Justin Derby of Truth: The Objective Reality has more than a few things to say about Nurse Holly’s current predicament.

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[Note 1] I left the original typo so that everyone can continue to shame Radius in the comments. You’re welcome. Mark


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