Matt Gaetz Should Apologize

As we all know, Congressman Matt Gaetz voted for the War Powers Resolution which has created quite a stir on Twitter and fodder for the MSM.

In summary, Gaetz said on Twitter:

(1) It didn’t criticize POTUS or his policies. Not once.

(2) It outlined the threat Iran poses and our right to self defense (not excluding preemptive strike).

3) Only Congress has the power to declare war. Article I, sec (8).

My take on this is that Congressman Gaetz needs to apologize for allowing himself to be used by the Democrats and the MSM. I have no problem with what he said nor his reasons he voted for the resolution but he had to know that his vote would be used against the President.

One of the oft used elements of the Democrat PlaybookTM is the psychological principle of “consistency.” People tend to act consistently with previous actions which is what gives us a moral center. When used as a persuasion technique, the idea is to get someone to agree with something small and then try to get them to agree on more important topics by saying “to be consistent with what you just said on topic A, wouldn’t you agree that . . .”

We see this all the time with the healthcare debate.

Wouldn’t you agree that the country is more prosperous when everyone is healthy?

Of course! It reduces absenteeism at work along with lots of other benefits.

So everyone should have access to healthcare?

Of course! It should be easy to find a doctor or a hospital should you need one.

And everyone should have insurance to be able to pay for it?

Of course! Buying health insurance should be a high priority for every family since we can do so much more medically today but some of these procedures can be very expensive.

Well, to be consistent with everything you’ve agreed to, I can see you must be in favor of Medicare for All since the government would require everyone to participate and pay for their insurance.

Wot? Well, er, actually . . .

It’s a good persuasion technique.

Scott Adams was trying to make the case that Gaetz voting “yes” on the resolution was “free money.” He got to get a bunch of TV time, delivered a ‘I care about the welfare of all the war fighters in my district’ message, and demonstrated he wasn’t Trump’s “yes man.” Rush had a similar take.

What Congressman Gaetz did was fall into a rhetorical trap where agreeing with something that seems true and benign has led to defending himself as no longer being a Conservative. He should have known better since the Democrats do this all the time.

Congressman Gaetz needs to apologize for allowing himself to be used as a tool by the Democrats. I’m fine with his view in general and I certainly don’t have any problem with Conservatives disagreeing with the President. I do have a problem when a politician allows themselves to be maneuvered in this manner and then is surprised when there are negative consequences.

Mark Rosneck

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