Is Amazon’s GOLIATH a Stealth Deplorable Tale in Liberal Clothing?

Did The Hollywood Players get played?





This is not going to be a normal review.

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I’ve been binging on This Puppy for a couple of weeks now and have come to some Strange Conclusions.

So Billy Bob Thornton plays LA lawyer wunderkind, drunk and legal grifter Billy McBride.  He’s surrounded by a Hooker with a Heart Of Gold legal assistant, a co-counsel from an Acceptable White Ethnic Community (Armenian), a Smart Kid daughter who adores him, an ex-wife who’s now Batting for the Other Team and all the usual Cool Quirky LA characters we have come to expect in such an edgy-type series.

Nothing new here.

But what was new, at least what caught me by surprise was how embedded in All The Usual Liberal Stuff there was a Fifth Column, a Real Resistance if you will, to all the Expected Hollywood Blah Blah Blah Progressiveness.

Here’s kinda a running list of observations about why I think that The Hollywood Players may have gotten played in GOLIATH.

Billy’s daughter comes home one evening to catch her Mom in flagrante delicto with her law office Gal Pal on the living room couch.  The daughter is shocked to find Mom carpet dining and tells Dad (Billy) that she was “sickened” to find Mom as such.

Stop and think about that.

A major supporting character describes lesbian sex as “sickening”

It was by so fast probably most folks missed it but it really caught my attention as such Heretical Wrong Thought NEVER gets voiced.

Wait, it gets better.

One of Billy’s drinking buddies is a Mexican single Dad who has three sons – two of them drug-running gang bangers (the third is a Talented Cellist and Straight  A student).

Of course Mex Dad and Gang Bangers get kilt off in a cartel shooting and Good Son is framed for their murder but that’s neither here or there.

It’s obvious that Mexico did not send us their best people in the case of this family – but that turd just sits in the punchbowl – and is probably supposed to be ignored but again, the fact that it’s even there to contemplate at all is kinda surprising.

And it gets better yet.

Billy falls for a Mexican LA city councilwoman who is running for mayor – he doesn’t know it but we know that she’s an illegal immigrant who changed her name when she snuck into the country at 15.


And her brother, who is back in Mexico, is a cartel kingpin . And they are going to use her position in the Mayor’s chair to loosen up the LA ports to drug smuggling.

Plus besides being a Cartel Kingpin he is also an Amateur Surgeon who dismembers Those Who Disappoint Him in a very literal interpretation of Matthewish manner.

Now I gotta tell ya, it was at this point I almost bailed (mid season 2) because while I have a high tolerance for Weird Shit the trip down acrotomophilia lane into amputee paraphilia land made for some strategic fast forwarding.

On the upside,  it made the implied Brother Cartel Kingpin / Sister Mayor incest deal seem almost wholesome.

See what I’m getting at here is how the Fifth Column writer (writers?) went out of their way to make a Protected Class about as reprehensible as possible – almost like they were testing the Boundaries of Liberal Tolerance.

Not overtly see, but more like as a test of how long the pachyderm in the playpen could be ignored.

The Last Straw to get Nailed Into The Coffin of My Theory happens in season 3 – the plot revolves around corruption in Kalis’s agricultural central valley and water rights.

Anyway, there is a Whole Deal about corrupt Democrat Politicians in LA and Sacramento in Ka-hoots with Big  Almond and against the Little Town of Deplorables eeking out livings on the Industrialist Plantation.

The villains are all Donks and Rich Progs and New Age Weirdos and they are all pukes.

And there is even a cameo of The One when the Vile Deal is struck.

It’s enough to make Victor Davis Hanson proud.

(OK they may be some Bernie Bros writing this season but the fact that they go after the Democrat Machine is still heartening.)

I could go on with other examples of how little Easter eggs of deplorability were sprinkled here and there but you probably catch my drift by now.

Don’t get me wrong, there were always plenty of Liberal Talking Points about the poor, The 1% etc presented as touchstones but I came away from the 24 episodes thinking that some little sneak out there was having a Good Joke at somebody elses expense – and especially cuz the jokes weren’t  playing out in the usual way.

So do I recommend GOLIATH?

Season’s 1 and 3 ya, sure, you betcha.

Season 2 is not for The Faint of Heart.

Oh and one last spoiler apropo of nothing: there are a couple of peyote induced dream hallucination sequences in season 3 that are right out of The Dude’s acid tinged Busby Berkley bowling number in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

It’s worth abiding it for those sequences alone…

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