BREAKING: Iran Possibly Attacking US Troops UPDATE: Nancy Blames Trump


US officials are now confirming that ballistic missiles fired from Iran have hit multiple targets inside Iraq. Early reports indicate around 20 American deaths, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Again, reports of American casualties are unconfirmed, although other sources are saying the casualties were Iraqi.

An American response seems imminent and in process.

Best to take everything with a grain of salt, but if true it looks like Iran is about to find out what Trump’s 52 targets were.

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi blames Orange Man Bad

The Department of Defense has also released a statement on Twitter:

Sebastian Gorka says Trump will “unleash holy hell” on Iran:

Reports of American casualties may have been someone’s wishful thinking:

Reminder for all your Leftist friends that Hillary Clinton herself said she would attack Iran back in…2008:

UPDATE: MSNBC claiming 30 Americans were killed.

This is, of course, despite the DoD denying that any American service members were killed.

Remember that wishful thinking I cited earlier? Yeah…

I agree. Extremely reckless.

UPDATE: Seeing more reports that there were zero casualties, and that a few of Iran’s missiles actually failed. Looks like American troops in Iraq weathered the storm.

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