BREAKING: Another US Drone Strike Destroys Convoy Carrying Pro Iranian Militia Leadership in Iraq

Left Declares This is WWIII

This has been reported within the last hour, but it looks like another huge blow to Iran:

The left will undoubtedly be even angrier than they were this morning after they mourned the loss of Iranian’s point man on terrorism Soleimani.

One article written today by Charles Pierce of Esquire shows the utter contempt by many on the left for President Trump literally morphing into cheering for terrorists:

So, on Friday afternoon, El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago emerged from the pro shop to talk about killing the second-most powerful man in a government with which we are not at war on the sovereign soil of a nation of which we are ostensibly an ally. His wrestling match with the teleprompter aside, the president* dealt the bullshit with a bigger than usual shovel. Bear in mind—there is absolutely no good reason to believe anything these people say about anything, let alone about something as serious as making war in the most volatile region of the world. Anyway…

Little Marco has a rebuttal:

Iran says that military force will be met with military force.

An ominous threat from a regime who just days earlier said America couldn’t do a damn thing against them.


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