“You’ve killed us all, you arrogant ass!”

The #PREPEACHMENT of Joe Biden

What I want to focus on is Schiff saying “I find it deeply concerning, at a time when the president of the United States was using the power of his office to dig up dirt on a political rival, that there may be evidence of members of Congress complicit in that activity.”

Said political rival is, of course, Joe Biden.

This boggles my mind because this could go so sideways for the Democrats so easily. In the first instance, the conversations we’re discussing were completely in the open which means that Trump is either really dumb or there actually is something to Ukrainian corruption and the Bidens.

Schiff is betting that Trump has nothing on Biden or anyone else associated with the Obama Administration because Trump now has a free pass to release it all. This is the “if you go after the king” moment.

My first suggestion is that Scott Adams write a Biden & Son Dossier. Let’s skip all the drama with hiring an ex-MI6 agent and have Dogbert do it. I think if Scott were to get on a roll, he could probably have it written by Monday along with a few cute cartoons. I just think it would be fun to turn the tables a bit and it would be a best seller.

If, in fact, the impeachment of Donald Trump is solely to protect Biden & Son, then it’s evident that we need to get to the bottom of any corruption they may or may not have — with and without Ukraine. This would be, after all, Donald Trump’s defense and I feel like I’m stating the obvious although I don’t think everyone sees it as obvious as I do.

Not only that but the accusation has been made and the President has every right and responsibility to respond. At one point today I thought Biden could come out with “you know me. I’m awesome and Trump’s insane. Please don’t impeach because I’ll beat him in 2020.” The more I think about it, the more I think that we’ve crossed the Rubicon on that one.

All I can think of is Biden & Son texting to Schiff “Youve killed us all, you arrogant ass!” (from the Hunt for Red October)

President Trump will either be impeached or he won’t at this point. Regardless, I believe that the Senate needs to take up the question of “How corrupt are Biden and Son?” Maybe that’s the wrong way to put it. How about “We need to exonerate our colleague and all around good Joe for the good of the country”?

I do not see how this ends well for Biden and Son or for the Democrats. I suppose the only way it does is if Biden and Son are shown to be clean as the wind driven snow. BWWWAAAAAHHHHAAAA! Sometimes I break myself up.

And now three letters on Devin Nunes. WTF? I gotta say I have no clue why Schiff is doing this. None. Is he trying to force Nunes to resign? To what end? This makes no sense whatsoever and it seems to be based on phone records which strikes me as a new low for the Democrats (illegality aside for the moment). As some have pointed out, if the Democrats can do this to Devin Nunes, imagine what they can do to you!

Mark Rosneck

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