The Insane Base Believes in Peechmint Claus

One in Four

Whelp, looks like Peechmint is a go and the Donk’s Insane Base is giddy with all the excitement and anticipation of a tyke tearing into the Loot Pile on Christmas morn.

There are Adults in the Room too, as this post from over at The Epoch Times points out:

Roughly seven in 10 Democrats said they don’t think President Donald Trump will be impeached and convicted in the Senate, according to a new poll.

According to a new poll conducted before the articles were announced, a majority of voters in both parties, and Independents, all agree that it’s unlikely Trump is both impeached and removed from office.

But the Insane Base holds sway in Donkville and Nanzi knows that if she doesn’t play along with the tantrum-prone toddlers who are the Power in the Party there will be hell to pay come primary time.

Best to just stand back and let the kids rip away at the packages under the Peechmint Tree and hold fast that the inevitable wailing, foot-stomping and tooth-gnashing will be directed at The Bad Santa who left pretty-bowed boxes of charcoal briquettes in their unisex sox.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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