The 12 Days of Christmas Grievances – Day 5

The Christmas Decoration Nazi earns Day 5 honors

On the 5th Day of Grievances, the Wacko’s gave to me………….5 Christmas Decoration Nazi’s.

Christmas is the Christian holiday devoted to the celebration of Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. It is celebrated throughout the world by over 1 billion Christians.

A central tenet of Christianity was that Jesus was born in a manger in a barn in Bethlehem.  (Corrected –  damn meds – can’t think straight at times). With his birth, three wise men came to bestow gifts upon the baby Jesus.

Throughout America, the birth of Jesus is honored by vivid displays of Christian Faith. In homes, there will be the traditional Christmas tree with ornaments hanging from it, and topping the tree, an Angel or a Star. Outside the home will be displays of lights and other decorations.

Churches will have their own displays for Christmas, most often featuring Jesus in a manger with Joseph and Mary. In attendance will be the three wise men and a Star shining from above.

Cities and towns across American also get into the spirit of the Christmas holiday. In towns large and small, there will be lights and other decorations hanging from lamp posts. Public spaces will have displays, often again of Jesus and his parents.

Of course, we cannot forget the ubiquitous Christmas parades held in cities and towns everywhere, with Santa Claus bringing up the rear of the parade to the thrill of children everywhere.

With the Christmas season, there now comes a new creature calling. It is the Christmas Decoration Nazi. This is the person who has made it a life of trying to destroy all that Christmas stands for and will let nothing get in the way.

The Christmas Decoration Nazi lives among us, hidden in every neighborhood. He or she is the person who hates Christmas and what it stands for. The person finds just the mention of Christmas to be personally offensive and the decoration a personal affront.

Each year when Christmas comes around the Christmas Nazi must strike out against the traditions of Christmas with the purpose of demeaning Believers and forcing them to bend to the Nazi’s wishes. Each year, there will be countless stories of the Christmas Nazi in action.

The largest target of the Christmas Nazi will be the public displays of Christmas in cities and towns. When a display is spotted, the Nazi will go on the attack. Complaints will be filed with the city demanding that the display be taken down. Lawsuits will be filed with the Courts claiming that the city is in violation of Separation of Church and State, something that does not even exist in the Constitution.

Other targets of the Christmas Decoration Nazi will be stores and public schools. The Decoration Nazi will try to get the displays limited in what will be allowed in the store in a move to slowly over time, get all elements of displays removed.

Christmas Decoration Nazis will resort to other tactics in their quest to destroy Christmas. Frequently, they will deface or destroy Christmas displays wherever they may find them. This is usually in public places, but can increasingly include private home yard displays.

The Christmas Decoration Nazi has just one goal in life, to destroy the idea of Christmas and the glue that holds America together.

Congratulations to the Christmas Decoration Nazi. You are Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Grievances.



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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