The 12 Days of Christmas Grievances – Day 3

Christmas Shoppers earn Day 3 honors

On the 3rd Day of Grievances, the stores gave to me……………Christmas Shoppers!

One of the absolute worst parts of the Christmas season are the retail Christmas shoppers. They can be some of the rudest people on the planet when out shopping for gifts. A person almost needs to wear an armored suit to survive the experience.

It begins on Black Friday. Shoppers are lined up waiting for the store to open, especially when there are “early bird” discounts on goods, especially electronic goods.  Every year there is at least once instance where people have pushed so hard to get in that others have been trampled, suffering grievous injuries or even death. On occasion, people have even broken glass doors and windows in their lust to get in for those good deals.

Once inside the store, it is no better. People fight to get shopping carts when the supply is low. People will even remove the goods from another person’s lightly loaded cart when that person is not looking.

If you survive being able to find and keep a shopping cart, your troubles have only begun. Trying to actually shop is a life threatening experience in and of itself.

Starting down an aisle, the first thing you find is that it is almost impossible to navigate. Shopping carts loaded with goods are blocking the aisles while people shop. You either find a way to weave through the mess, or push carts aside, while earning the scorn of those using the carts. Even worse is finding that the carts are blocking access to the item that you want and cannot get to without moving other carts.

The people actually shopping in the aisles add to the mixture of frustration.  They will take 5 minutes or more trying to decide whether they want a type of food stuff product or not. And heaven forbid that they are shopping for clothing. Some of these morons can spend an hour looking at every single piece to get that “right” item.

We can’t forget the store aisle “social club.” The club meetings occur in the store aisles when people cross paths with others that they know. It becomes time for them to catch up on each other’s lives and family, blocking the aisles to the disdain of those trying to pass.

Many of the shoppers are absolute slobs. While shopping, they will knock goods off shelves and make no effort to pick the items up. Instead, they just move on and “allow” store personnel to clean up after them.

Other shoppers absolutely destroy the clothing and linen aisles. They will take items and then decide that they do not like it, but instead of returning it to the proper place, it will be shoved anywhere. Against, it is left to store personnel to sort things out and return items to their proper places.

Then, there are the fights that occur when two or more people are seeking the same item. This scenario gets real ugly……….real fast.

Once you have gathered all the items that you intended to get, your worries are only compounded. You must face going through the checkout lines. This is not for sissies.

The first thing noticed when trying to check out is that there are huge lines at every register. And people have carts fully loaded with small items making the checkout time even longer. You can easily be there half hour or longer. But that is not all.

The aisle social club will often meet in the checkout lines. In addition to catching up on others lives, often the subjects will turn to what they have bought. Then the other shopper will “need” the same item and send a family member to track the item down. Of course the line will move and the checkout will be delayed while waiting for the new item to be brought up to the counter.

We can’t leave the Express Lane out of our grievance. Express lanes generally come with a couple of conditions on usage. Most common is a limit on the number of items, either ten or fifteen. As well, no checks will be allowed. But this does not stop the shopper at all.

People routinely ignore the conditions on using the Express Lane, going through them with 20 or more items and writing a check. They do so and get away with it because they know that the cashier has been told not to say anything and just process them through the line.

There we have it. I am sure that each of you can add to the list without any effort.

Congratulations Christmas Shoppers! You are the 3rd Day of Christmas Grievances!

May you keep out of the stores during the Christmas season!


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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