PU Presents “The 12 Days of News Media Clowns” – Day 5

CNN’s April Ryan earns Day 5 Honors

On the 5th Day of News Media Clowns, CNN gave to me……………5 April Ryans.  (Oh noes! As if one is not enough, we are forced to suffer through 5 of her!)

April D. Ryan is a CNN “analyst” and a correspondent for American Urban Radio Network where she covers the White House beat and Press Briefings. It is Ryan’s conduct at those briefings, along with Jim Acosta, that has resulted in the end of White House briefings.

For this and her antics at the White House and on CNN, April Ryan has earned the honor of being named the Day 5 News Media Clown.

April Ryan has built her career on race-baiting and victimhood, like so many other women in the media. (Day 4 Clown Joy Reid is another.) At every slight, Ryan will jump to assert her victimhood status. If victimhood status is not enough, she will claim racism.

April Ryan is clownishly Anti-Trump. She takes any and every shot at the President and his supporters, no matter the subject or the truth. If something can in any way be turned around to denigrate the President, she will do it.

Anyone who disagrees with The Loon April Ryan will come under attack by her. It matters not whether the person is black or white, what matters is that they do not agree with her position.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders came under attack by The Loon for the most ridiculous reason. Sanders posted on Twitter a photo of a Chocolate Pecan Pie that she had baked for Thanksgiving. The Loon’s reply.

“Show it to us on a table.”

And then

“I am not trying to be funny but folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it. I am getting the biggest laugh out of this. I am thankful for this laugh on Black Friday!”

Diamond and Silk  stepped in the fray and remarked about Ryan,

“The only thing she knows how to cook and serve is the very fake news.”

Ryan responded with a characteristic insulting remark,

“Oh wow slow news day. Now the fruit loop factory with Rock and Burlap chimes in. Fake! Oh Lawd ! You guys are walking and talking fake! Merry Christmas!”

She would later retweet racist attacks on Diamond and Silk by Roland Martin.

 “Well I see Cubic Zirconia and Satin have been hauled out to provide their minstrel Show comedy routine about @AprilDRyan. These two clueless folks have no business commenting on anything. They are a bad carnival act.”

This is not the only time that The Loon has gone after Sanders. After the Mueller Report came out, Ryan reacted to a line in it quoting Sanders as saying that FBI agents had lost confidence in Director James Comey.

The Loon had to respond to that section with:

 “When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off, It’s ‘Fire Me Thursday’ or ‘Fire Me Good Friday,’ — she needs to go. … I have to have security because of being called ‘fake’ and a ‘loser’ and all sorts of things from that White House. It’s time for her to go.”

The most common target of The Loon is President Trump. She takes his words and twists them or interprets them to suggest that the President is a racist. One such example of The Loon’s bias is when Trump talks about the media.

We have all heard Trump talk about the media and the “fake news” that they constantly promote. The Loon has suddenly found the Founding Fathers and the Constitution to “fight back.”

 “And we are covered by the Founding Fathers, these white men who covered all of us not knowing there’d be social media or people like ‘us’ covering the White House. So this is a dangerous game. And this president vowed to uphold the Constitution. And the free press is part of that. And he’s going against his vow when he was inaugurated.”

I’m a black woman. Trump loves insulting people like me. The type of comments he makes, over and over, leaves little doubt about what he really thinks of us.

Further evidence of this is when The Loon made a stunning accusation against the Trump administration by claiming President Trump during a March 2016 campaign rally:

“said things like, you know, ‘We made this country,’ meaning white America, not necessarily black.”

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer denied that the President had said any such thing, Ms. April Ryan insisted: “No, no, no. He said that. I heard him say that.” A review of the taped rally found no such statement made. So we have an actual accredited White House reporter lying about what the President said.

When President Trump threatened to revoke The Loon’s press pass, he described her as a “loser” who “doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. Once again, The Loon took the bait and had to respond with these types of comments.

“You can tell … by the way Trump has responded in recent days to more than one black female journalist that he sees our presence there as illegitimate. If he didn’t, he’d either answer our questions or simply ignore them, not berate us.

“But when Trump denigrates black women, he’s sending the message that he doesn’t see us equally.”

“It’s not hard to find the common denominator, though there’s hardly anyone — from his predecessors to senators in his own party — he won’t try to shout down with ad hominem insults, Trump relishes, and injects venom into, verbal attacks against women of color.” 

No Loon, it is not that. President Trump just proved that you truly are a loon.

The Loon has a heart felt belief that President Trump is controlled by Russian President Putin. In fact, she describes that “relationship” as Putin being Trump’s “pimp.” Furthermore, she appears to believe that this pimping goes to President Trump wanting to be a dictator.

 “The president sees that his numbers are waning. He cannot be this dictator that he’s trying to be at this moment. It reminds me of a song. Jay-Z. Prolific rapper. Prolific philosopher. I’m taking a quote from him. Putin has got Donald Trump big pimping—big pimping Donald Trump right now,” Ryan said.

“Donald Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants to the world and this nation, and it’s not happening.”

“The rule of law is gone now. Donald Trump, and we don’t like to say it, but we are going down a line of a dictatorship. Russia and China, that’s what we are.”

The Loon’s economic knowledge is simply overwhelming. She displayed that knowledge in a tweet where she referred to the word “stagflation.”

“The Trump administration has 133 nominees waiting for a vote and we learned a new word in the briefing, ‘stagflation’!”

Say what?  I remember the word being used often during the late 1970’s in Economic courses. But I am a lowly middle class conservative deplorable, so what do I really know? Apparently I did remember correctly because The Loon’s twitter feed blasted her with replies to the point that she deleted the tweet.

The Loon also tried to take former Ambassador to task about the Kshogi murder in the Saudi Embassy. She was upset that Bolton had not listened to the tape that was released about it.

Bolton replied – “I don’t speak Arabic. What’s the point of my listening to the tape? People that speak Arabic have told us what is on the tape.”

Ryan’s response – “But you could listen to the emotion on the tape.”

What planet did this woman come from?  Listen to the “emotion” displayed in a taped call in a totally foreign language?  The Loon displays absolutely no common sense.

There is so much more that I could put in, but after The Mouth (Joy Reid) and now The Loon, it is just too sickening to continue showing the stupidity of this woman.


Congratulation go out to April Ryan! You have proven that you deserve this award and have been found to be:

Day 5 of “The 12 Days of News Media Clowns”

Now please, “Just go away!”


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Written by PatrickPu

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