PU presents “The 12 Days of Christmas Grievances” – Day 1

A new series from PU taking a look at Christmas

We are now closing in on Christmas. In all fairness to politicians and media whores, it is time to target a different subject.

All of us have some pet peeves about what surrounds us during the Christmas holiday. With that in mind, PU presents “The 12 Days of Christmas Grievances.”


On the 1st Day of Grievance, the world gave to me……..Christmas in September.  (Or if you watch the Hallmark Channel, Christmas in July.)

Go shopping in September and there are many holidays yet to  come. Veterans Day, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving are all a month or more away. Christmas is three months into the future. Yet, you begin to notice the theme of Christmas already entering the store.

Shelves are being packed with Christmas decorations. Wrapping paper and bows are being stocked. Christmas decorations are starting to go up in some stores. Christmas themed food stuffs are even appearing on the shelves by the end of October.

The mail begins to show evidence of the upcoming holiday as well. Catalogues are filling the mail box with Christmas themes. “Buy it early or not at all.” Television stations are beginning to show ads related Christmas shopping.

Why are the signs of Christmas beginning earlier each year?  It is to drive holiday sales and profits.

Retailers are under the impression that the earlier that they can begin the Christmas shopping season, the greater the sales and the more profit that they can make. Have a beginning Christmas sale at the end of October and compare it to previous year’s numbers. If there is an increase in sales, “voila,” the sale worked so it will be done again next year at the same time. And once other stores follow their lead, the sales get moved up even earlier.

What retailers really are missing is that there are only so many shopping dollars available for Christmas. When they have earlier sales, the retailers are only shifting consumer demand and dollar sales forward. There will be fewer dollars for consumers to spend closer to Christmas if they spend the money earlier.

There is also the problem that retailers are now facing with on-line buying. Consumers are shifting more and more to the convenience of shopping on-line and the result is that brick and mortar store sales are falling. This is a contending trend that is eliminating many of the brick and mortar stores.

To challenge the on-line shopping trends, retailers will continue to push Christmas awareness and shopping even earlier in the year.

For me, just seeing the sight of Christmas in September or October is annoying. Let me enjoy the months, the seasons, and the holidays as they come naturally. Do not throw Christmas at me in September or October, making me tired of the whole production by the end of November.

I have more than enough on my plate to  start getting hit with Christmas in September.

For this, Christmas in September is the 1st Day of Christmas Grievances.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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