President Trump Nixes The Widow’s Tax

Merry Christmas…

President Trump Widow's Tax

While the Democrats and the Media were obsessing over their sham impeachment hoax, President Trump was busy working. With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act on Friday, President Trump ended the so-called “widow’s tax” affecting military families across the country:

Surviving families joined forces with advocates and lawmakers to pass nonpartisan legislation, with Congress putting actions in front of words and dollars in the hands of those who paid the ultimate price. The “widow’s tax” was a longstanding policy oversight that affected over 65,000 military survivors. When a service member dies while on active duty or from a military-related illness their families may be eligible for both the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) & Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). Because of concurrent receipt laws (provisions to avoid double-dipping in government benefits), for every dollar paid out via the DIC, one dollar was deducted or “offset” from the SBP insurance payment. This offset cost families roughly $11,000 annually. Not only have these families lived through the nightmare of losing a spouse or loved one, they have had to fight to stay afloat both emotionally and financially.

Military families have been fighting for the repeal of the widow’s tax almost since its inception in 1972. President Trump threw these long-suffering families a financial lifeline with the repeal of the tax…and just in time for Christmas.

Democrats can do nothing but whine, rage, and impeach a duly elected president based on a hoax in an effort to undo an election that happened three years ago.

President Trump can do nothing but continue fighting for the American people.

I wonder who’s going to win in 2020?


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