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Note to MSM: Trump is the SECOND first term President to be Impeached

Andrew Johnson was peeched during his first and only term

So I guess President Trump has finally been Peeched – although since Nanzi has decided to pull the pin on the Peechmint grenade and hold on to it rather than chucking it over to Cocaine Mitch there is some question as the WTF is really going on here.

But that’s not today’s rant.

No, today is about the stunning a-historical stupidity of just about all of the media intentionally incorrectly reporting that Trump is the ONLY president to be Peeched in his first term.

Andrew Johnson anyone?

Gawd, the poor guy is like Rodney Dangerfield- he just can’t get no respect.

Good grief all you media people, ever heard of Wikipedia? (sorry  – but you play the cards you’re dealt…)

Ol’ Andy was was Honest Abe’s vice president for about three weeks before The Railsplitter took a mini-ball in the noggin at the hand of Johnny Dubya Booth.

The first President Johnson’s FIRST (and only) TERM as president began on April 15, 1865 when Abraham preceded  Martin, John and good friend Bobby over Assassination Hill.

Hannibal Hamlin was Lincoln’s vice-prezzy for his first term but was dumped in favor of Andy J for the 1864 election.

You would think that such a simple historical fact would be easily ascertained by all The Smart People who populate the Mainstream Media.

You would be wrong.


Facts are stubborn things – which makes them all the more necessary to be ignored when faced with inconvenient ones, particularly if they get in the way of The Narrative.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

Strozek, along with his alter-egos the decadent, drug-addled Sixties refugee Uncle Bruno and his intolerably feminist SJW Cousin Brunoetta have been riding the not-yet crested wave of deplorability with posts covering politics, sports, entertainment and zombies.

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