Nancy, It’s all on you now

Dismissal or Acquittal will unleash the Left

Today is time for some serious thought. No PU Predicts or 12 Days of Anything is warranted in this piece.

With the Articles of Impeachment, the Left has achieved Part 1 in their goal to remove President Trump from office. Next up is a trial in the Senate.

Unless something strange happens, Trump will either be acquitted in trial or else the charges dismissed without an actual trial. And therein lies the problem for the country.

For the last 50 plus years, America has been become increasingly divided. At first, the division was seen as the Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, young Baby Boomers who would rally and occasionally get out of control and riot on campus. Overall, this was a relatively harmless thing at the time, as long as the Hippies “grew up” and out of it, as most did. But there remained an undercurrent of restlessness all too common in America’s past.

Through the 80’s, the restlessness remained, but was well hidden. President Ronald Reagan, though a polarizing figure to those of the Left, commanded a following that consisted of not just Republicans and Conservatives, but also Reagan Democrats. These were the Democrats that supported Reagan and gave him two terms in office.

Meanwhile, the restlessness continue to fester, generally hidden from view except at times when protesters took to the streets to object to Reagan policies.

With the election of Bill Clinton to President, the restless element, the Left, began to come out of hiding. It was now okay to reveal themselves because they had a like minded individual as President. Supporting Clinton were other like minded individuals in the House and Senate, those who are now in major positions in the House and Senate like Pelosi and Schumer.

Since the Presidency of Clinton, the Left has come totally out of the closet. They are out in force everywhere, growing more emboldened daily. No longer are there any restraints on them. Not content with protest rallies, the Left will now engage in physical violence against those who do not their views.

Daily, we hear or read about those who support President Trump or other Conservatives being attacked for simply wearing a MAGA cap. Have a Trump bumper sticker, you can almost count on your car being damaged.

Rocks are thrown at people. Others are blindsided and attacked by gangs of Leftists. Groups like ANTIFA will use clubs, cement milkshakes and anything else to injure those not agreeing with their hatred of President Trump.

Liberal cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco do not just ignore the Leftist thugs, they actually encourage the behavior by not prosecuting those who commit crimes against Trump supporters. Liberal politicians in DC chime in offering their support, some going so far as to call for violence.

News Media Hacks join in with calls for action. CNN and MSNBC hosts and contributors are especially vocal about their desire for violence. All of this causes those who are willing to do harm to feel “entitled” to attack those not of their political persuasion.

Yesterday, the House passed two Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. They accuse the President of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. Neither article provides support for their position.

Today, Pelosi and House members are talking about not submitting the Articles until they know how the Senate will “handle” the trial of the President and to ensure that a “fair trial” is given to the President. Of course, a fair trial means something totally different to Democrats than to Republicans.

At some point, the Articles of Impeachment will be submitted to the Senate. The Democrat liberal base will demand it. When done, the outcome will be either a complete acquittal at trial or dismissal of the allegations after Opening Arguments.

The purpose of Democratic actions to impeach President Trump are generally believed to be:

  1. Stop President Trump from being re-elected.
  2. If President Trump is re-elected, to proclaim he is an illegitimate President like before.

The problems for Pelosi and her allies are only starting. The Democrats throughout the country will be running on the outcome of the trial, and not the issues. As they decry the legitimacy of the trial and the President, the Left will become a major issue by their actions.

The Left has been physically attacking those on the Right for many years. During the 2016 Election, the attacks rose to new heights without nary a word from the Media or the Mayors or Police Chiefs in the various cities.

With the end result of President Trump remaining in office, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters and all the others are giving reasons for the Left to step up attacks on Conservatives and Trump supporters. Essentially ANTIFA and other groups have been given free license to attack Trump supporters wherever they might be.

Nancy, the violence and harm to come is all on you and your party. If you had any shame in your bones, you would resign.






Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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